This Country Wants to Build the World’s Fastest-Known Supercomputer

Japan plans to build the world’s fastest-known supercomputer in a bid to arm the country’s manufacturers with a platform for research that could help them develop and improve driverless cars, robotics, and medical diagnostics.

If Europa Has Life, This Scientist Will Help Find It

The potential for life on other planets has vexed scientists for ions.

Yes, we deserve to colonize Mars and keep our “light of consciousness”

Elon Musk has spoken previously about having a duty to maintain the “light of consciousness” of humanity as the main rationale for multi-planetary habitation, or why we should colonize Mars specifically.

In the future, will farming be fully automated? – BBC News

In the not-too-distant future, our fields could be tilled, sown, tended and harvested entirely by fleets of co-operating autonomous machines by land and air.

Tesla received only a fraction of the subsidies the Big Three and oil industry...

In light of the recent smear campaign launched against Tesla and Elon Musk by a conservative group backed by a Trump propagandist, it’s worth taking a look at which companies involved in the same industries as Musk and Tesla are receiving the most public subsidies.

“Netflix tax” may be coming soon to your bill

PASADENA, Calif. -- The Pasadena city council has been taking heat for weeks, after announcing a 9.4 percent tax on streaming video.

Is this the beginning of the end for coal?

This week Canada joined the growing list of major developed countries saying they will phase out coal power.

6 major countries have recently announced imminent phase-out of all coal-fired power plants

As of late, the idea of getting rid of coal in their own national electricity grid has become a popular one among several major nations across the world.

How to cope with the end of the world

An aggressive viral plague has struck humanity.

Construction of practical quantum computers radically simplified

Quantum computers could solve certain problems - that would take the fastest supercomputer millions of years to calculate - in just a few milliseconds.