LMX-001 holographic waveguide display | Sony Developer World

The LMX-001 holographic waveguide display enables customized hardware and software development, for use cases that require high precision and quality.

America’s First Solar Roadway Is A Total Disaster

A prototype solar roadway in Idaho was supposed to represent a possible green energy future, but technical issues have exposed just how far off the technology is from prime time.

The role of Helicopter pilots in manning the modern day Drone technology

While watching an action movie, a thriller or a period drama, sometimes a fantastically shot scene might have left you awestruck and left you wondering how it much have been captured.

Senegal To Introduce A New Blockchain-Based National Digital Currency, The Second Such Currency In...

Senegal has recently become only the second country in the world to introduce a digital currency based on blockchain technology.

Europe’s first sex robot brothel FORCED OUT of base as prostitutes complain of competition

The original location in Barcelona at 2 Baixada de Sant Miquel had been in the Spanish city’s Gothic quarter, north of the cathedral.

Flying Taxis Will Take to the Sky in Dubai This Summer

The people of Dubai might soon be hailing their taxis via the sky.

A New Theory of Gravity Just Passed its First Test. Here’s What This Means...

In 2010, renowned string theory expert Erik Verlinde from the University of Amsterdam and the Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics proposed that gravity is not a fundamental force of nature, but rather an “emergent phenomenon.” And now, one hundred years after Einstein published the final version of his general theory of relativity, Verlinde published his paper expounding on his stance on gravity—with a big claim that challenges the very foundation of physics as we know it.

The End of Moore’s Law – Rodney Brooks

I have been working on an upcoming post about megatrends and how they drive tech.

Ethereum, The Next Internet

Many of the Seeking Alpha readers may not know or understand what Ethereum is.

Why China’s internet use has overtaken the West

BBC - Future - Why China’s internet use has overtaken the West