The Enormous Promise and Peril of Bioengineering’s Pandora’s Box

We’re standing on the threshold of extraordinary capability in synthetic biology.

Want to live in a futuristic smart city today? Take a cruise

The cruise industry is rapidly evolving to integrate the Internet of Things — with sensors, connected devices, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing — into the experience passengers will have, both on and off the mammoth, state-of-the-art, billion-dollar ships.

Portugal hints at what the American internet could eventually look like without net neutrality

On Thursday, the US Federal Communications Commission officially voted to roll back Obama-era rules governing net neutrality.

Google kills its Tango augmented reality platform, shifting focus to ARCore

Google announced today that it’s shutting down its high-end smartphone augmented reality platform, Tango, in order to focus on the more mass market ARCore product. The company had already confirmed this much to us when they announced ARCore in August, but now we have an official timeline for Tango’s demise.

A new study suggests CRISPR gene editing therapies should be customized for each patient |...

You know a scientific advance is a big deal when it becomes the main premise and title of a Jennifer Lopez-produced TV drama.

Graphene in Zero-G promises success in space | Graphene News | Graphene Flagship

"Graphene as we know has a lot of opportunities.

An Incomplete Timeline of What We Tried

The launching of the Colony into space, no final destination in mind, for those able to afford the journey.

The Pentagon spent $22 million on a shadowy program to investigate UFOs

People use night vision goggles to look at the night sky during an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) tour in the desert outside Sedona, Arizona.

Who Wants a Pet Direwolf? Perhaps a Passenger Pigeon?

For the past few years science writer Britt Wray has been delving into the strange field of “de-extinction,” traveling the world to meet with scientists who are working to bring back species ranging from the aurochs to the thylacine to the woolly mammoth.

NIO goes after Tesla Model X with new all-electric SUV, battery swap and renting...

China’s demand for SUVs and electric vehicles keep increasing, which made Tesla’s Model X a very popular vehicle in the country despite its higher price due to import duties slapped on all of Tesla’s vehicles.