There is a chip implanted in my hand. I’m serious.
Two years ago, a tattooed man backstage at a Berlin tech show used a syringe to insert the chip. The process was no more painful than having my ear pierced, and just as quick. The chip was the size of a grain of rice and gave me a new way to control my phone, but if I’m honest, I underwent the procedure purely for journalistic reasons.
Yes, I’ll do just about anything for a story.
As far as “upgrades” go, it was largely benign and trivial. But some entrepreneurs are looking into augmenting our brains so that we can develop superintelligence. The procedure will likely involve implanting technology into our brains, creating what’s known as a brain-computer interface.
Think of this as one of the more extreme reactions to the rise of artificial intelligence and robotics, which, depending on whom you …