Beverage companies are continuing to drink Elon Musk’s Kool-Aid. A few days after Anheuser-Busch made the largest preorder of Tesla’s all-electric Semi trucks, PepsiCo swooped in with the new top order. According to Reuters, the soda and snack giant has reserved 100 Semi trucks in a bid to reduce fleet emissions and cut down on fuel costs.
Each reservation requires a $20,000 deposit, so that’s $2 million in Tesla’s bank account right now (assuming PepsiCo placed its order after Tesla raised the deposit amount from the original price of $5,000). And if the trucks end up retailing for around $150,000, that would put the company’s bill to the automaker at $15 million. (That’s if and when the trucks end up shipping — which, knowing Tesla, could be a moving target.)
The trucks would only represent a fraction of PepsiCo’s 10,000-vehicle fleet, but a company executive told Reuters the Semis would be …