Fibre-optic cables running along the centre of Britain’s busiest motorways will be able to beam live traffic updates into high tech cars under new proposals by Highways England.
Messages will be transmitted onto dashboards in a move to improve the efficiency of how major routes operate, with the intention of also improving road safety.
So-called “connected vehicles” will also be programmed to spot potholes, and transmit the information to road operators, it is hoped.
The development is the latest step in upgrading Britain’s major roads into “smart” motorways. The way messages are displayed is another step away from using traditional road signs.
The report, released today by Highways England, will be used to inform the government’s next road investment strategy which is due to start in 2020.
Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: “This government is making people’s journeys better, faster and safer to give people better access to jobs, schools and their community.
“We are planning …