Speaking at a conference on artificial intelligence yesterday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk updated his timeline prediction for a fully self-driving car  to 2 years. He also predicts that  another year after that cars will be significantly better drivers than humans.
Now it’s interesting to look into how Tesla’s self-driving effort plays into this prediction.
There’s no doubt that Musk is pushing back his timeline on fully autonomous driving.
Almost exactly two years ago, Musk predicted that autonomous driving would be ready in two years – though he emphasized that it wouldn’t necessarily be commercialized due to regulation.
Now at the conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) yesterday, Musk said that they could achieve some level of full self-driving within two years, but that the more important timeline would be 3 years, at which point self-driving capabilities would be significantly better than human drivers.
Interestingly, Musk previously described how he evaluates the progress and the …