The United States has long led the world in technology. But there’s strong reason to believe that as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly widespread, stateside engineers will quickly have to contend with another global powerhouse—China.
A report jointly published by New York-based research consultancy Eurasia Group and Beijing-based VC firm Sinovation Ventures on Dec. 6 outlines how China has been making rapid advances in AI over the past few years. At present, write Paul Triolo of Eurasia Group and Kai-Fu Lee of Sinovation ventures, China lags behind the US when it comes to engineering talent, as well as in the hardware required to build effective “autonomous AI”—robots, self-driving cars, and other physical machines. But in effect, the “US-China AI duopoly is not only inevitable. It has already arrived.”
And China’s AI prowess will soon match that of the US, perhaps even surpassing it, says the report. One major advantage China enjoys over …