Industrial robotic automation has attracted the attention of industry fear-mongers and hopefuls alike for taking over jobs — many of them undesirable in the first place — and bringing new levels of efficiency and workplace safety.
Automation technology is now spilling out of industries such as automotive and electronics and into food and agriculture – and it couldn’t be too soon.
Jack Uhl, sales manager – CPG (Consumer Products Group) for Yaskawa America, Inc.’s Motoman Robotics Division recently wrote a compelling blog post outlining how “food just got faster.”
In the post, Uhl makes an analogy to the wheel that is the food industry and how automation must become the rim tying the spokes together.
Uhl asserts that beverage production facilities are using rotary fillers for soft drinks, wine, milk and water which guide containers into turrets where they are filled by the hundreds – greatly speeding up production lines. Uhl then makes …