Canada’s millennials are facing all sorts of challenges: high home prices, soaring tuition fees and record household debt.
But there’s one challenge that they’re well-placed to weather, says a new study: the rise of the machines. came to this conclusion by looking at job seeker interest in a number of jobs that are at high-risk of automation.
They found that millennials could be protected from this trend because they’re just not that interested in occupying the jobs that robots could take away.
Millennials (aged 20 to 36 this year) were more interested than Baby Boomers and Generation Xers in “non-routine cognitive” jobs, which include management and professional positions, which are at “low risk of automation,” said.
By contrast, they were the least interested out of all three generations in “routine manual” jobs in industries such as construction, production and transportation.
This category includes many jobs that are at high risk of automation.
Baby Boomers were 54 per cent …