While consumer drones get the splashy and sometimes overblown headlines, the technology is quickly being embraced by cities across the United States for applications ranging from firefighting to search and rescue. Departments are already repurposing off-the-shelf drones to aid in a variety of situations.
DJI, a leader in the consumer space, is moving to carve out a niche of enterprise capable drones. The recent addition of the Matrice 200 allows the deployment of multiple camera payloads including zoom-capable video, infrared systems (FLIR) and high-resolution cameras.
The impacts are already being felt across the states in various public safety situations.
Most headlines you read are public officials urging the public to stay away from fires with personal drones. But the same technology is being deployed to help map fires, guide firefighters to hot spots and general surveillance of the scene. A drone can quickly offer the commander on the ground a bird’s eye …