China’s home-grown humanoid robot Jia Jia fared poorly in her first English-language live “interview” with an American journalist on Monday morning.
The robot stumbled over basic questions in her conversation with Kevin Kelly, co-founder of the tech magazine Wired. The interview was conducted through Skype from the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, Anhui province.
Meet Jiajia, the realistic ‘robot goddess’ built by Chinese researchers
Adorned with long black hair and traditional Chinese garb, Jiajia was able to realistically blink and smile throughout the dialogue, but largely failed to answer the questions Kelly posed, speaking after seconds-long delays.
For instance, she was unable to respond to questions about the number of letters in the English alphabet, and answered a question about the Great Wall’s location in China with the reply: “China”.
And when Kelly, who has written extensively about robotics and artificial intelligence, asked Jiajia if she could talk about him, the …