Will I be replaced by a robot/computer/machine? It’s actually a question mankind has been asking for decades, writes Clayton Howes (pictured below), CEO of digital consumer finance firm MoneyMe.
In 1967, political scientist Sebastain de Graza predicted that advanced 21st century technology would reduce the average (human) working week to just 16 hours by 2020 – just three years from now!
In the early 1980s, ‘computerphobia’ was a term used to describe the anxiety, hostility, and resistance that arose with the emergence of the personal computer. Included in this was the widespread fear that people would eventually be replaced by machines and left redundant.
But while it’s true that technology, computers, and automation have resulted in some jobs being replaced or changed, these changes have been largely positive.
In 2017, the possibility that artificial intelligence might render humans jobless is the latest iteration of this very long-held fear.
But just like in years past, we …