The robots are coming, and nearly half of workers will welcome them with open arms.
Some 48 per cent of employees surveyed by Adecco Group think artificial intelligence (AI) will positively benefit them by helping them work more flexibly.
Two-thirds (65 per cent) think technology has increased the number of jobs available to them. And 54 per cent said they believe robots will create more jobs than they destroy over the next 10 years.
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For the report, “Humans vs Robots”, 1,000 board-level and senior decision-makers were surveyed, as well as more than 1,000 workers in 13 sectors across the UK.
Most (87 per cent) said they think computers will make their role easier within the next 10 years and, of these, 57 per cent think their jobs can be made “a lot” easier.
“In many ways, robots could enhance careers rather than destroy them,” said …