A dimpled chunk of dark-coloured iron sits on Richard Dinan’s desk at his office in central London. He insists it is not just an expensive paperweight.
This malformed lump, forged in the heart of a star billions of years ago, is a meteorite. It is also what gave Dinan the idea for his latest business venture.
The millionaire, who found fame as a playboy entrepreneur on the reality television show Made in Chelsea, runs a discount card business and 3D printing company. Now, however, he is eyeing something far more ambitious: nuclear fusion.
For decades, fusion power has been an almost fanciful dream of those hoping to crack the world’s energy problems. Nuclear fusion powers the stars and burns in the heart of our own Sun. Here on Earth, it could provide an almost limitless, safe and clean source of energy.
But it has remained frustratingly out of reach. Physicists have been attempting to …