Now you can fight an encroaching police state and monolith tech corporations — and look good while doing it!
Hyphen-Labs — a collective of women of color who work to create innovations that mix art, technology, and culture — have several projects on display at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Their NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism booth, on display at the festival’s Virtual Arcade, offered up a mix of tactile and tech-focused projects, including a few that mixed the two worlds. Some are more speculative prototypes, but there were two pieces of wearable tech that seem destined for the real world.
The product closest to market is a scarf that makes use of HyperFace technology. Hyphen-Labs collaborated with HyperFace’s designer, Adam Harvey, to bring the deceptively high-tech concept to market. While seemingly a simple silk scarf, it’s covered in a carefully plotted design that throws off facial recognition scanning devices, thus creating …