While David Attenborough’s soothing vocal tones have informed millions through traditional 2D documentaries for decades, he’s recently taken quite an interest in virtual reality. That’s set to continue with his latest project. In partnership with Sky and London’s Natural History Museum, he’ll be narrating a new experience called Hold the World, a VR application that looks to teach you about objects that you can (virtually) hold in your hands.
The Natural History Museum in London is an enormous building and institution, containing more than 80 million artifacts from Earth’s storied history. It’s very much a look-don’t-touch installation though, due to the fragility of many of the objects there. That is set to change in Hold the World, as a holographic David Attenborough tells users about items as they pick them up and get a feel for what they’re really like.
Fossils will be a major part of the experience, with Attenborough explaining …