The future is always flying cars. And at this week’s Top Marques Monaco, the world’s most exclusive supercar show (which runs from April 20-23), the covers come off the latest version of the AeroMobil Flying Car. It’s simultaneously a four-wheeled road vehicle and a light aircraft, and is – say the Slovakian makers – designed to overcome traffic jams, allow faster travel over medium distances, and make travel easier in areas with few roads.
It’s on pre-order now, though another flying car on show in Monaco goes one better – despite having only three wheels. Not only has the PAL-V Liberty got retractable blades like a helicopter, but it’s on sale already. However, there is one small catch; the Liberty costs just over HK$3 million.
They may seem playfully futuristic, but both the AeroMobil Flying Car and the PAL-V Liberty are manually driven and piloted, which makes them close to being obsolete. …