(The ultrasonic dryer.Department of Energy)
Waiting an hour for your clothes to dry can feel tedious.
But scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have developed a dryer that could make doing laundry much quicker. Called the ultrasonic dryer, it’s expected to be up to five times more energy efficient than most conventional dryers and able dry a large load of clothes in about half the time.
Instead of using heat the way most dryers do, the ultrasonic dryer relies on high-frequency vibrations. Devices called green transducers convert electricity into vibrations, shaking the water from clothes. The scientists say that this method will allow a medium load of laundry to dry in 20 minutes, which is significantly less time than the average 50 minutes it takes in many heat-based machines.
Americans spend a total of $9 billion each year — up to 4% of America’s total residential energy use — on electricity to power dryers. If the ultrasonic dryer becomes commercially available, it …