Netflilx’s Black Mirror has the tech world worried about the dystopian future that the science fiction show depicts. To counter that, a group of futurists, creators, and hackers are gathering in Los Angeles to envision a “White Mirror,” or a society where technology can inspire us instead.
About 100 people will gather in Los Angeles for the project, dubbed #OnceUponAFuture, and the first edition is called #WhiteMirror, as an homage to the TV series, which features shocking stories about technology addiction, surveillance, mind control, and hacking. Their mission is to reboot Black Mirror and create short, viral video clips aimed at inspiring more hopeful narratives of the future.
I like this theme, and it’s the same sort of conversation I’d like to inspire at our upcoming GamesBeat Summit 2017 event on May 1 and May 2 in Berkeley, California. We’ll be talking about the inspiration between science fiction, real-world technology, and games.
On April 22 and …