A seven-member team, including one emergency room doctor, won $2.6 million this week for their new tricorder-esque invention called the DxtER. The iPad-based system weighs less than five pounds and can diagnose 34 health conditions, including urinary tract infections, diabetes, stroke, sleep apnea, tuberculosis, and pneumonia.
They created it for the XPrize Competition, which was announced in 2012 and challenged 312 participants to create a device under five pounds that could diagnose 13 health conditions. Obviously, the winning team, Final Frontier Medical Devices, far exceeded that number.
The system walks users through the diagnosis steps while analyzing data collected from its noninvasive sensors. Its blood test, for example, monitors glucose, hemoglobin, and white-blood cell count through a finger cuff instead of a lancet. They used three 3D printers to manufacture 65 DxtER units at home. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration offered regulatory guidance to the team throughout the competition …