Imagine a cruise ship that never docks which hosts a tiny nation – independently governed and welcoming to innovators. Margot O’Neill explores the brave new world of seasteads.
JOE QUIRK, SEASTEAD INSTITUTE: Seasteading is building politically independent cities that float on the ocean. Half the Earth’s surface is unclaimed by any government, so these would be start-up countries on the blue frontier.
Seasteaders bring a Silicon Valley sensibility to the problem of governments not innovating sufficiently. And if we provide the technology for thousands of people to start their own nano-nation on the high seas, we think innovations will emerge that will surprise the world. Innovators are held back and stymied by existing regulations, and we want to give them 21st century regulations on start-up governments. Once you provide people with a platform to start their own country, every conceivable type of innovator reaches out to you with their …