The LMX-001 holographic waveguide display enables customized hardware and software development, for use cases that require high precision and quality. Our tech engineers are ready to assist you with getting your development project started.
With the LMX-001 holographic waveguide display, you can develop a tailor-made augmented reality solution for your specific user needs.
The LMX-001 displays clear graphics and text directly in the field of view of the user. The unit consists of an optical engine that renders the monochrome green graphics, and a holographic waveguide glass plate projecting images in front of the eye.
The waveguide is extremely thin to ensure maximum brightness and transparency, yet reinforced to meet the quality requirements for professional use.
The LMX-001 Development kit contains all the necessary hardware, software, documentation and code samples to get you started and plan your development. The development process could be outlined in three steps:
Evaluate and decide if you will use our …