Across Chicagoland, at clinics which specialize in sports medicine, reconstructive and plastic surgery, even hair replacement, doctors are offering a new sideline: stem cell treatments for illnesses ranging from Parkinson’s Disease, to ALS and Multiple Sclerosis.
And the Food and Drug Administration isn’t happy.
“The value of stem cells as a treatment for most conditions is largely unproven,” the agency said in a statement provided to NBC5 Investigates, cautioning about the possibility of ineffective and potentially unsafe stem cell therapies.
Dr. Leigh Turner is one of the skeptics. A bioethicist at the University of Minnesota, Turner says he has identified at least 351 businesses, operating close to 600 stem cell clinics nationwide.
“These are usually people who don’t have meaningful credentials when it comes to stem cell research,” he told NBC5. “They’re making claims that have no empirical basis.”
The list of maladies the clinics say they can treat runs the gamut, …